Google tricks

We all use google for searching but its time to explore the funny side of google.Here I have collected the top 7 funny google tricks that will amaze you.Some of the tricks are provided by google itself while other have been developers.
So, Here is the List Of  Google’s Top tricks

    1. Google gravity:- We all have read the Newton’s law of gravity.Does it also apply to google?To test it follow the instructions

  •     Go to
  •     Type Google Gravity
  •     Click on I’m feeling Lucky
 save image
2. Google Pacman Game:2. Google Pacman Game:
  •         Go to
  •         Type Google pacman
  •         Click on I’m feeling Luckysave image
3.Epic Google:- In epic google you will see the font size of google increasing automatically as if it will come out of your computer screen.To use google Follow the instructions
  •         Go to
  •         Type Epic Google
  •         Click on I’m feeling Luckysave image
 4. Google Hacker:-want to see how the google homepage will look if it gets hacked .Follow the instructions below
  •     Go to
  •     Type Google Hacker
  •     Click on I’m feeling Luckysave image
 5 Annoying Google:- In this trick the capitalisation of your searches will change automatically.Some words will change into small letter and some into capital letters in your search result.Want to try it follow the instructions
  •     Go to
  •     Type Annoying Google
  •     Click on I’m feeling Luckysave image
If you also know some more cool google tricks then do share with us and our readers by commenting your google tricks


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